Apartment 2

Full kitchen, entertainment center, comfortable recliners and a couch, large closet and lots of storage. Fully furnished, free access to washer and dryer. Free WiFi!

Apartment 3

Similar to Apartment 2, this apartment has a separate living area, entertainment center, couch, small coffee table, and sunken bedroom. The bathroom is large with a closet and storage included.

Apartment 4

Apartment 4 is separate from the others and has a large lawn area which is fully enclosed by a security fence. This unit has an upstairs with a bedroom with closet and additional storage.

Looking for a peaceful, affordable, furnished apartment? Look no further!

Vista Grande is nestled on the edge of the mountain above Boquete with fantastic views. The area is quiet and secure. All units are behind locked security fences. Minutes from town by vehicle or walking down the hill.


Which apartment do you want?

Apartment availability may vary however they all come fully furnished with an entertainment center, fully equipped kitchen, free WiFi as well as a hardwired network connection, and wonderful views.